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SLS Weekly – September 7, 2012

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1) Elections: This year, we are looking for three 3L representatives and four 1Lrepresentatives for the Student Affairs and Governance side of SLS. We are also looking for one 3L representative and three 1L representatives for the Social Affairs side. The deadline for submitting a short 150 word bio is September 11. Come visit us at Clubs Fair this Friday to chat more about the election, or send us an email! It’s a great way to get involved in our student community!


2) Orientation Events Open to 2Ls and 3Ls:

The O Week team would like to invite upper-years students to the following events:

i) Wednesday Night Pub Crawl. (Andy Pool Hall)

Upper years are invited to join the pub crawl at the final destination: Andy Pool Hall (located at 489 College St) between 10:30-11:00pm.  Please bring two pieces of photo identification. 

ii) Thursday Night Coffee House (Arbour Room – Hart House)

Join the SLS at our first coffee house of the year!  Expect to be entertained and serenaded by your fellow classmates. The event begins at 7:00 pm at the Arbour Room.  There will be snack and coffee and the event will be mc’d by our very own Matt Brown!

iii) Friday Night SLS Call to the Bar – (The Office Pub)

Join us any time after 10 pm at The Office Pub (117 John Street) for a fun night of dancing and karaoke. Please bring two pieces of photo identification.

iv) Saturday Night O Week Semi-Formal – Bata Shoe Museum Semi-Formal

Always the highlight of the first week back, the Orientation Week Semi-Formal is open to all upper year students.  Tickets will be sold to upper years Friday September 7th 12:30 – 3:30pm and at the door. The event starts at 10:00 pm.  Please remember two pieces of photo identification.


3) SLS Student Kitchen: The SLS maintains the kitchen on the lower floor of Flavelle House. In the kitchen there are fridges to store your lunch in, as well as microwaves and a kettle for your use. Please try to keep the space clean!


4) Mail Folders: The SLS maintains the mail folders that you will find near the bottom of the stairs in the lower rotunda. Students use these folders as a pick up or drop off location for documents, notes, or any number of things. If your name is missing, please just send us an email and we will make you a folder. In particular, transfer and exchange students may not have a folder, so please let us know if you fall into that category.


5) Facebook and Twitter:  Like our Facebook page by searching “Students Law Society University of Toronto.” Also, follow us on Twitter at @UTLawSLS. If social media isn’t your thing, our website is


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