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SLS Update on Tuition and Financial Aid

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Dear students,

The SLS Financial Aid Committee has brought to the administration your concerns regarding the impact of tuition and financial aid on accessibility to legal education. Our ongoing dialogue with the administration with regard to the issues of tuition fee increases, administrative costs and financial aid availability has been frank and productive. As part of this ongoing dialogue, our representatives on the Financial Aid Committee have requested an updated account of the current state of tuition and financial aid. Today, we have received the Tuition and Financial Aid Discussion Document: 2006 to 2012 (the “Report”; please see the sidebar widget on this page to access the file).

The administration has committed to the SLS to have an open discussion involving the entire student body on these issues. To this end, the administration is inviting student input on the tuition and financial aid issue in light of the Report by March 1st (please send your comments to Further, the SLS invites you to a joint administration and SLS Townhall to be held after the Reading Week (details to follow). Your feedback is valued in future decision making with regard to tuition and financial aid. The SLS will continue to advocate for a Tuition and Financial Aid Plan that will promote accessibility to legal education and continuing excellence of our student experience.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact your representatives on the SLS Financial Aid Committee, Peter Flynn (, Sameer Nurmohamed (, and Aaron Hunt (


1 Comment

  1. Credit Where Due, Please says:

    Let’s clarify that the SLS chose not to participate in the broader discussion and student petition that gave rise to this document.

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