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Constitutional Amendment Referendum

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Constitutional Amendment Referendum:  Policy Reform Regarding the Allocation of SLS Surplus Funds from Preceding Fiscal Years

In this year’s SLS Spring Election, students will be asked the following referendum question:

“Do you support the following amendment to the Students’ Law Society’s Constitution:

‘Article IV(4):  The total allocable Society funds in any fiscal year is comprised of the budget surpluses from preceding fiscal years, the membership fees collected per Article IV(1) and other funds raised per Article IV(3).’”

It has been the practice of SLS to exclude any surplus from previous years’ budgets in planning the current year’s budget.  The proposed amendment, if passed, will allow the SLS to roll-over budget surplus from previous years into its annual budget.  This allows all subsequent SLS administrations to provide more services to law students while maintaining its sound fiscal policy of not budgeting for more than it has (non-deficit budgeting).  On behalf of the SLS, the Constitution and By-Law Reform Working Group has prepared a memorandum that provides a background and the policy rationale underlying this proposed amendment for students’ review (the file can be found in the Documents archive box on this website).


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