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Press Release: SLS Adopts Policy to Reject UTSU’s Proposed Board Changes

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For immediate release —-

The University of Toronto Students’ Union Annual General Meeting is being held this Wednesday, October 29th at 6pm in OISE Auditorium.

The UTSU is proposing a new Board structure that would result in the elimination of dedicated faculty representatives. This means that the Faculty of Law could lose its representative on the UTSU Board of Directors if the new structure is approved. Losing the law representative on the UTSU Board could have profound consequences for law students. Virtually all Students’ Law Society members are also members of the UTSU and pay fees into this organization.

The SLS discussed this proposal today, and has officially adopted the following position:

The SLS opposes the motion put forward by UTSU to radically change its board of directors structure. We oppose this motion because:

  1. Law students will lose their dedicated Faculty Representative on UTSU,
  2. UTSU chose not to pursue other reasonable options to reform its board structure, and
  3. UTSU’s continuing disregard for democratic principles and the opinions of its members cause us concern.

Asked to comment, Billi Wun had the following to say, “I think it’s absurd that the UTSU is even considering this new structure. This move will only further alienate and anger the faculties and colleges who are already very dissatisfied with current UTSU practices. This is another step towards undemocratic rule by the UTSU governing slate and I oppose it completely.”

The SLS encourages its members to attend the AGM, let the UTSU know your thoughts on the Board structure, and vote according to your beliefs.

For further information please contact:


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