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1. SLS BLACKOUT PERIOD: April 6 – 24

The SLS will be in a blackout period from Monday, April 6th until Friday, April 24th. You are still welcome to contact your SLS representatives with any immediate concerns, but there may be a delay in response time.

If you would like access to the SLS Wiki database, and have not already signed up, please be sure to email us at

Additionally, all Cheque Requisition forms submitted after April 2nd will not be processed until after April 24th.

2.  Student Group Winter Funding Reimbursement

Thank you to all groups who submitted receipts for winter funding. The final deadline for reimbursement is Monday, April 6th at 5:00pm. Forms should be placed ​in the folder next to the SLS office door in Flavelle. Please indicate on the form if any approved funding requests for your student group were not used. Reimbursement forms can be foundhere.
Note that forms submitted after Thursday, April 2nd will not be processed until after April 24th.

3. SLS Exams Photo Contest!

The SLS is hosting an exam period photo contest starting Monday, April 6th and ending Thursday, April 23rd.Awards will be given out to the photos that best capture the essence of exams in each year (1L, 2L, 3L, and you too 4L!). Start thinking of pictures you think capture what it truly means to study in a particular year… More details to come!!

4. Year End Call to the Bar – April 23!

Mark your calendar — the end of year pub night will be April 23rd at Sneaky Dee’s.

We wish you the best of luck with exam preparation, and look forward to celebrating with you on April 23rd!


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