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1) 1L Election Candidate Debate and Voting

Come out to the Candidate Debate tomorrow – Monday, September 21 at 12:30pm in VC 212. Questions can be e-mailed in advance to

Voting for 1L StAG and for Social Reps will take place from 12:30pm to 2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (September 22-24). The voting booth will be immediately outside the Reading Room in Birge Carnegie. Only 1Ls can vote for their 1L Representatives. You must bring identification (your UofT student card). To read the candidates’ blurbs, please refer to the listserv email (forthcoming).

For more information about the SLS please visit

2)  CALL OUT – Volunteers for Upper Year Mock Interview Session

The Upper Year Mock Interview Session will be held onFriday, October 2nd, from 9:30am to 1:30pm. We are looking for students who obtained 2L summer positions through the Toronto OCIs process to conduct mock interviews and provide advice to 2L students who are participating in OCIs this year. We would like to represent a wide range of summer experiences, including full-service firms, boutique firms, government, and public interest employers.

If you are interested in being a mock interviewer, please send an email with: 1) your name, 2) a list of employers with whom you interviewed, and 3) your summer employer to Please consider sharing your experiences and helping your peers prepare for what can often be a stressful recruitment process!

3) Deadline for Submitting for Club Funding: September 28th

The deadline for submitting club funding forms is Monday, September 28th.

The SLS has updated the forms available under Documents, found here. Please be sure to use these updated forms if you are submitting for clubs funding, etc.

4) Trivia Competition

The SLS invites you to join the annual UofT Law lunchtime trivia competition. Join your fellow students and your professors by signing up here, and joining the Facebook group for more information. Details to come.

5) Call to the Bar + TRIVIA!

The SLS invites you to join us this Thursday, September 24th, at Fionn MacCool’s (70 The Esplanade) for a trivia pub night and the announcement of the SLS’s annual lunchtime trivia competition (see below)! Bring 3 friends (or meet them there) for a team of 4 to compete for a great prize! Questions to start at 9pm sharp. Then stay for drinks and conversation.


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