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1) Election Results

Please welcome the newest SLS representatives:

1L StAG:
Aidan Fishman
Ariel Gershoig
Katie Longo
Samuel Mosonyi

1L Social:
Gillian Cook
Stephanie Lewis
Christina Liao

2)  StAG and Social Meetings

Beginning this week, the SLS Student Affairs and Governance (StAG) Committee will meet every Monday at 12:30 in the SLS office (basement of Flavelle). The SLS Social Affairs Committee will meet every Thursday at the same time and place.

All students are welcome to attend and participate in all meetings. Tentative agendas (or a link to the them) will be posted in each week’s SLS Weekly.

This week, StAG will discuss the upcoming UTSU Election and other general matters. Social will review clubs funding applications and discuss other general matters.

3) Upper Year Mock Interview Session

The Upper Year Mock Interview Session will be held on Friday, October 2nd, from 9:30am to 1:30pm. Details and location to come.

Call out for volunteers: We are still looking for about 10 students to volunteer to conduct mock interviews and provide advice to 2L students who are participating in OCIs this year. We would like to represent a wide range of summer experiences, including full-service firms, boutique firms, government, and public interest employers. If you obtained a 2L summer position through the Toronto OCI process and are interested in being a mock interviewer, please send an email as soon as possible with: 1) your name, 2) a list of employers with whom you interviewed, and 3) your summer employer.

4) Trivia Competition

The SLS invites you to join the annual U of T Law lunchtime trivia competition. Join your fellow students and your professors by signing up at and joining the Facebook group for more information. The first game will be on Oct. 13 from 12:30-2:00pm in VC 323.

5) Call to the Bar

Come join the SLS for drinks and to celebrate the completion of the first month of school this Thursday at 10pm at Pauper’s Pub (539 Bloor Street West).

***Please note that pub night will fall on Friday next week (October 9) due to OCIs for 2L students.


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