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SLS at the UTSU Annual General Meeting 2015

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The UTSU, a campus-wide students’ union that collects slightly less than $200 from each JD student per semester, is holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday at 5:30 PM in the main auditorium of OISE, adjacent to the St. George TTC station.

Important structural questions are being considered that will have an impact on law students’ autonomy and decision-making power. The SLS encourages all available students to attend, and has released the following statement:

“The Student Affairs and Government representatives of the Student Law Society have voted unanimously to endorse the Zhuk/Singh Board Reform proposal, otherwise known as Plan B, for approval at the annual general meeting of the University of Toronto Students’ Union to be held at 5:30 PM on October 7th in the OISE Auditorium.

Having acceded to the Canada Not for Profit Corporations Act (CNCA) last year, the UTSU is required to overhaul the structure of its Board of Directors in order to comply with the provisions of the new statute. Since virtually all SLS members are also fee-paying members of the UTSU, the SLS is anxious to ensure that the interests of law students are upheld throughout this process.

The SLS has met and considered in detail the two proposals submitted by UTSU members for the restructuring of its Board. The official position of the SLS on the matter is as follows:

The SLS endorses the Zhuk/Singh proposal because:

i. It creates a new position of Vice-President for Professional Faculties within the UTSU Executive Committee to advocate for the interests of professional faculty students, including law students.

ii. It permits divisional student societies such as the Students Law Society to choose their UTSU Board representatives via their own electoral processes.

The SLS believes that it is crucial to the preservation of law students’ autonomy and decision-making power that they be allowed to select their representative on the UTSU Board internally. Electing this representative during the well-publicized March elections for other SLS positions will also allow law students to be more directly engaged in UTSU matters that affect them.

The SLS further encourages as many of its members as possible to attend the UTSU AGM in order to ensure that their voices are heard.”

For further information, please contact:

SLS President Andrew Wang –
SLS StAG Vice-President Evan Rankin –
1L Representative Aidan Fishman –

Click here to see the event on Facebook.


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