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No upcoming events

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See all the upcoming events at the law school: click here.

Are we elected?

Yes – an executive and representatives from each year are elected annually by the student body.

What is our mandate?

To advocate for/represent student concerns regarding both academic matters and social affairs.

Click here for the SLS Constitution (Oct. 2013)

How do we relate to the school?

We liaise both with the Faculty Council and other student bodies at U of T.

When do we meet, and is anyone invited to attend?

SLS StAG reps meet weekly (Mondays at 12:30) and attend monthly meetings with the Faculty Council.

SLS Social Affairs reps also meet weekly (Thursdays at 12:30).

Meetings are held in the SLS Room (Falconer basement), and everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

How do I get involved?

SLS elections are held twice during the school year. The first is at the beginning of the school year for 1L representatives on Social Affairs and StAG. The main SLS election period takes place near the end of the winter semester in order to fill positions for the upcoming school year.  Those running for upper year Academic Affairs positions are expected to make a 2 minute speech, while those running for executive positions are allotted 5 minutes each. Appointed officer positions are generally filled during the summer prior to the beginning of the academic school year.


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