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Elections – Fall 2015

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The Students’ Law Society (“SLS”) fall elections will take place this week. Below are details about the voting process as well as information about the candidates.

*please see below for Candidate Blurbs

Voting Procedures
Voting will take place from 12:30pm to 2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (September 22 – 24). The voting booth will be immediately outside the Reading Room in Birge Carnegie. You must bring identification (your UofT student card).
Absentee Ballots
Anyone who is entitled to vote but is unable to place a vote at Birge Carnegie during the scheduled voting periods should contact us as soon as possible. We will provide an absentee ballot.
In order for us to ensure that this happens in a timely manner, please contact us at elections.sls@gmail.combefore 11:59pm on Tuesday, September 22. If possible, please include a mobile phone number in your email.
Positions Available
1Ls will be entitled to cast up to four (4) votes for candidates for 1L Student Affairs and Governance (StAG) representatives and three (3) votes for candidates for 1L Social representatives.
 3Ls will be entitled to cast up to two (2) votes for candidates for 3L Social representatives.
Candidate Debate
There is a Candidate Debate Monday, September 21 at 12:30pm in VC 212. Questions can be e-mailed in advance to
Candidate Statements
1L Student Affairs and Governance (StAG) (8 Candidates – 4 Position Available)
Ramz Aziz
“I am sincerely interested in pursuing a 1L Student Affairs and Governance Representative position with the Student Law Society. My background in student government – where I have represented 18,900 students as President and Vice-President of the Dalhousie Student Union – along with my leadership roles in several student clubs and community organizations, has equipped me with a breadth of experience in the realm of university governance and student issues. Moreover, I have also served as a student representative on the Board of Governors of Dalhousie University, where I developed the requisite ability to look at an issue from multiple perspectives, while wearing a variety of “hats” and keeping numerous interests in mind. I have also served on the board of numerous other non-profits, including Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group, the Dalhousie Student Union and Students Nova Scotia. Indeed, my long-standing involvement in the governance of several organizations, as…” (Note from the CRO: This candidate’s statement was not in compliance with the SLS’ Election Bylaws)
Aidan Fishman
My name is Aidan Fishman, and I’m honoured to stand for election as your 1L Student Affairs and Governance representative. Any of us can meet the “reasonable person” standard for this position, but I ask for your vote because of my passion in fighting for student interests.
During my undergraduate years, I served two terms on Governing Council, the University of Toronto’s highest decision-making body. I can see the big picture at this humongous institution, and know from previous experience that to improve academic and student life at our Faculty of Law, a broader understanding of how this university functions is sometimes required. This university-wide perspective is needed to stop the run-away train of rising tuition, and ensure that UTSU, the larger student society of which we are all members, remains democratic.
For experienced representatives with proven records of success, mark your X next to Samuel Mosonyi and Aidan Fishman.
Shari Gananathan
I am submitting my nomination to the Students’ Law Society for a Student Affairs and Governance position.  I have experience in student government and in advocacy groups, so I am ready to campaign for the students to ensure that we are effectively supported by the administration.  In addition, having gone to the University of Toronto for my undergraduate degree, I am familiar with the wider University’s policies and culture, many of which are applicable to the law students.  I am incredibly appreciative that we as University of Toronto law students are able to give input to administration on matters that affect our lives, academically and otherwise.  As a result, I think it is extremely important to take any opportunity I can to improve student life, and I being a member of Student Affairs and Governance would be a great step toward that end.
Ariel Gershoig
Hello fellow 1Ls! My name is Ariel Gershoig and I am running to be your StAG representative this year. Having met many of you, I can confidently say that we have a very bright, diverse and engaging class – a class whose views it would be my privilege to represent and advocate for on the SLS and the Faculty. My priority as a 1L representative would be to campaign for more inclusive and practical opportunities. In addition to widening communication channels between the students and the administration, I will endeavour to lobby the Faculty to increase funding to clinics so that more students get the chance to partake in engaging, hands-on experiences. With extensive experience lobbying on behalf of constituents in Parliament, I can guarantee that I will fight tirelessly to make your voices heard and ensure that each one of us gets the most out of our law school experience!
Katie Longo
Hey 1Ls!
I’m running for the position of 1L StAG rep! I’ve served on student government in the past as Welfare Officer (in charge of social affairs and equity) for my college, and I would love the opportunity to contribute to the U of T Law community.
You should vote for me if you want someone:
  • who will work towards increasing financial accessibility at the law school through the financial aid committee;
  • who recognises the uniquely stressful environment that law school can create and who has experience running mental health initiatives for student communities;
  • who will be accessible to the 1L community and responsive to individuals’ concerns and suggestions about SLS initiatives; and
  • who thinks that The Next Generation was the best iteration of Star Trek, and that Picard is way dreamier than Kirk
Gordon Masson
Hailing from Calgary, Gordon comes to the Faculty of Law with a B.A.H from Queen’s University, where he studied Philosophy and Environmental Studies. While at Queen’s, Gordon developed a passion for student governance and decided to volunteer with the Commission of Internal Affairs, where he marketed elections and referenda, developed policy, and helped run the esteemed representative’s meetings. Additionally, while working for Indian Oil and Gas under Aboriginal Affairs for the past three summers Gordon learned the ins and outs of bureaucracy, and how to advocate effectively from within the system.
Having served in these roles, Gordon now seeks to represent the interests of his fellow 1L students so that they can feel secure while engaging in the plethora of clinics, journals, and jobs that are available. Outside the classroom Gordon can be found practicing yoga, reading poetry, and getting his philosophy fix by listening to podcasts.
Samuel Mosonyi
My name is Samuel Mosonyi and I want to be one of your 1L StAG representatives on SLS. I hope to be your voice at the bargaining table, advocating against tuition fee increases and for improved financial aid policies. My aim is to create an environment for you to raise concerns and comments that I will bring to the administration.
I believe in the importance of building strong connections among the 1L class and the faculty. If elected, I would organize a formal dinner to bring the 1L class and faculty together.
I’ve consistently delivered results for students as an elected student representative at the department, college, and university levels. I’ve successfully fought for improvements to grants systems and academic policies based on student input. For experienced representatives with proven records of success, mark your X next to Samuel Mosonyi and Aidan Fishman.
Mark Vaz
Hi everyone!
I’m running for the 1L rep position on the StAG committee to address certain issues I’ve noticed since starting. I have been, and still am, pushing for all hours access to the law buildings, including the new building. Beyond that, I would also like to secure the student lounge, so that only law students have access, and clean up the SLS boards in the lounge.
I would also like to raise awareness on the special levy from SLS, especially what it is for and that it is possible to request a refund.
If any or all of what I want to work towards appeals to you, please vote for me.
If you have any questions on my statement, give me a shout on Facebook!
1L Social Affairs (7 Candidates – 3 Positions Available)
Gillian Cook
My name is Gillian Cook, and I’m running for the position of 1L Social Affairs Representative. Having been Treasurer and then Vice President of the Tae Kwon Do club at Queen’s University, I am both organized and able to lead a large, sometimes fierce group of people. I was also the Clinical Engineering Representative throughout my 2 year Master’s degree at U of T, during which I participated in student government meetings and planned social and professional events. I managed to organize events that drew even engineers out of their labs and made them socialize, so I’m excited to see what fun can be had with a bunch of law students!
I want to use the skills I’ve gained throughout my leadership positions to represent and communicate the needs of 1L students, and ensure our first year is the best it can be.
Jenn Duff 
Hi, my name is Jenn Duff and I am running to be one of the 1L Social Affairs Representatives. I would love to be one of the students to fill this position as I think the social side of Law school is essential. Something I enjoyed about both my undergrad and high school experience was being involved in the planning and attending of multiple social events. I did this by being involved in student council as well as the coordinator for the walk home service at McMaster University.  This gave me the opportunity to get to know my peers outside the classroom and build a community atmosphere.  If I am elected to this position I plan to bring enthusiasm to the role and try to make it a fun and exciting year for everyone! If you have any questions or suggestions always feel free to come and talk to me!
Stephanie Lewis
I am writing to express my interest in running for one of the Social Affairs positions open to 1Ls. I pride myself on being outgoing, approachable, and a strong communicator – qualities I feel would be essential to my success in this position. If elected, I would actively seek input from my peers and bring their comments to the attention of the committee. Since coming to law school, I have already organized a social outing to the Stratford Festival. There, a group of 25 of us had the opportunity to observe as two prominent defence lawyers argued a (fictional) case before Chief Justice McLachlin, Supreme Court Justice Moldaver, and Justice Cronk of the Ontario Court of Appeal. I believe that this initiative shows that I genuinely enjoy planning events and am competent in this regard. My personality, together with my affinity for event planning make me well suited to this position.
Christina Liao
Hi fellow 1Ls! My name is Christina Liao and I would love to be your Social Affairs Representative.
My motto has always been “Work Hard, Play Hard”. Since we’re all here, I know you have the “Work” down pat. I’m here to help with the “Play”. This is not limited to pub nights and socials. It also includes sober and day-time events, such as potlucks, trivia and exploring the 6. Whether you’re a mature student, a commuter or anything in between, I want to represent your voice and to accommodate to you. I can’t promise to predict what you want, but I can promise to always listen and to bring your thoughts to the table.
As your Social Affairs Representative, I hope to unite our diverse class so we can be more than just peers, but a fam1Ly. I can’t wait to work together to turn this 1hell into 1helluva-good-time!
Alice Parama
My name is Alice Parama and I am very much interested in becoming a 1L Social Affairs Representative for the SLS.  I love event planning and have a ton of experience both in my university years and as a full time employee.  In university I was heavily involved in the student community and organized networking sessions with alumni, delivery of care packages during exam season, and other fun events throughout the year.  After graduating, I worked for a small bank where I organized team building sessions for the executives and numerous employee appreciation events including coffee with the CEO and pizza lunches.  Law school is certainly tough, but I believe that it can also be fun!  Social activities are not only an important part of the law school experience, but a great way to get to know your classmates better, and I would love to be a part of this.
Sarah Teich
Hello, Law classmates! My name is Sarah, and I would like to be your 1L rep for the Social Affairs branch of the SLS. Last year, I was the student government representative for my M.A. class, and became involved with the school’s social planning.
I believe I can help improve the activities of the Social Affairs branch, and come up with creative new approaches to enhance social life at UofT law. As a native Torontonian, picking cool local venues for pub nights will be easy for me. As a newly debt-ridden student, I will work tirelessly to get us better drink deals. And as a picky human, I will work tirelessly to get our events to have better music.
Lastly, I believe we can do better than a weekly pub night and a couple of formals: I will propose new ideas – including daytime events, reading week retreats, and ski trips.
Tegan Valentine
Hello, my name is Tegan Valentine and I am honored to be considered for one of the three open 1L Social Affairs Representative positions.
I have plans to unite both our year and our faculty, but I think the most important reason you should consider voting for me isn’t because of my ideas – it’s because of the dedication I’ll bring to the role. I’m new to Toronto, having gown up in a city one very long, very expensive flight away. The events and committees that make up the Social Affairs portfolio are about uniting the U of T Law community. For me, this will allow Toronto, and our faculty, to become home.
If you have any questions about myself or my plans should I be elected, please contact me on Facebook or via email at
This September 22-24 please consider Voting for Valentine – let’s make everyday, Valentine’s Day.

Best of luck to all candidates. See you at the polls!


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