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Student Affairs and Governance (StAG)

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The Student Affairs and Governance (StAG) branch of SLS consists of 4 representatives from each year of students at the law school. StAG is responsible for advocating on your behalf to members of the faculty and administration. The StAG Committee will meet every Monday at 12:30 in the SLS office. All students are welcome to attend and participate in all meetings. Tentative agendas (or a link to the them) will be posted in each week’s SLS Weekly.

Matters discussed at Student Affairs and Governance include anything that requires a bridge between students and the administration whether or not it is strictly related to the academics of the law school.  To that end, if you have an issue that you would like to bring up and you’re not sure who to get in touch with, do not hesitate to contact an Student Affairs and Governance member who can, at the very least, point you in the right direction.  You can also contact the SLS generally at

In addition to the weekly meetings mentioned above, each Student Affairs and Governance member sits on Faculty Council, which is the governing body of the law school, to ensure that students maintain a strong voice in the administration of the school.  Student Affairs and Governance members also sit on faculty committees (such as Financial Aid and Tuition, Admissions, Mental Health and Wellness, and Gender, Accessibility and Diversity to name a few) which traditionally submit reports to Faculty Council at the end of the year.

StAG Meeting Minutes can be found in “Documents” under the “About” tab.

Student Affairs and Governance Representatives

Click here for the profiles of your 2017-2018 StAG Reps!

President:  Katie Longo

Vice President, Student Affairs and Governance:  Anne Marshall

3L Representatives:

  • Ellie Marshall
  • Shaun Parsons
  • Jamie Parker
  • Shari Nathan

2L Representatives:

  • Natasha Anzik
  • Solomon McKenzie
  • Sepideh Kamali
  • Enbal Singer

1L Representatives

  • Morgan Watkins
  • Brendan Cassidy
  • Saqib Mahmood
  • Robert Nanni

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