Students' Law Society

StAG Reps

President:   Katie Longo

Dean’s Committee(s): Admissions, Financial Aid and Tuition

Vice President, Student Affairs and Governance:  Anne Marshall

Dean’s Committee(s): Gender, Accessibility, and Diversity

3L Representatives:


Dean’s Committee(s): Admissions; Gender, Accessibility, and Diversity


Dean’s Committee(s): Admissions, Mental Health and Wellness


Dean’s Committee(s): Admissions, Curriculum


Dean’s Committee(s): Admissions, Libary, Curriculum

2L Representatives:


IMG_0489 (1).pngSolomon McKenzie is a 2L representative on SLS. Sol is originally from the UK, and has lived in Canada for the past 10 years. Sol has a passion for bad movies and loud music.  He will be serving on the Financial Aid and Tuition and the Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

Dean’s Committee(s): Financial Aid and Tuition; Truth and Reconciliation


natashaNatasha grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario. Before law school she completed her B.A. in Government and her M.A. in English Literature. She is currently excited to be involved in DLS, IHRP, and to be representing her fellow 2Ls as a StaG representative. Natasha hopes to promote transparency and connect students to the law school administration in more meaningful ways in the upcoming academic year. Outside of school you can probably find her cooking, playing squash, or attempting to play intramural sports.

Dean’s Committee(s): Mental Health & Wellness; Library


umEkY9FK_400x400Enbal was born in Israel and grew up in the United States and Canada. Before law school she completed her BA at McGill University in Political Science with a minor in Canadian Ethnic and Racial Studies. Her legal interests include refugee and immigration law, labour and employment law, and human rights law and spent her 1L summer advocating for workers’ rights of asylum seekers in Israel. She hopes to work on tackling the systemic issues at the law school which hurt students’ mental health while encouraging individual self-care strategies. In her little free time she can be found procrastibaking or attempting to work off her baked goods.

Dean’s Committee(s): Clinical & Experiential Education; Appeals


Dean’s Committee(s): Clinical & Experiential Education

 1L Representatives:


Version 2Morgan is from Toronto and has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations from McGill University. Before law school she worked for three years, first in a law office (civil, family, estate litigation) and then at Queen’s Park for Ontario’s Attorney General. In her spare time she likes to read about history and politics, and keep up with current politics and news. She also loves children and co-chairs an event planning committee for Get Lit (short for “Literature”), a charity that supports children’s literacy. In addition to SLS, this year Morgan is involved with Advocates for Injured Workers, the Critical Analysis of Law journal, and the Law & Politics Club at the law school.

Dean’s Committee(s): Mooting and Advocacy


unnamedRobert graduated with a B.Sc. in chemistry and psychology from Western University (#gomustangs) and is now pursuing his JD/MBA. Among other things, he is excited to get involved with DLS, Law Review, Ultra Vires, and – of course – SLS, as a 1L StAG Rep! Robert hopes to work toward improved financial accessibility, bringing student voices to the table and ensuring they are well-represented. When not texting, Snapchatting, Tweeting, or otherwise caught up in his phone, you can catch Robert studying at Starbucks or the law library – feel free to say hi!

Dean’s Committee(s): Financial Aid and Tuition; Library


2017-09Brendan grew up on the west coast and calls both Victoria and Vancouver home. He studied Engineering and Business at the University of Victoria, graduating in 2007. He spent the next ten years in Vancouver in a technology and management career at two multinationals and two renewable energy startups. At General Fusion, a private research and development company pursuing nuclear fusion energy, Brendan managed the construction and operation of the world’s largest “plasma injector” and launched an innovative data science initiative with a consortium including Microsoft.

Naturally, Brendan is now studying law at UofT and is excited about this new challenge. He is approaching his first year without having decided what field of law he will pursue in this new career.

Brendan is passionate about sustainability and enjoys riding all sorts of bikes, running, backcountry skiing, live music, and exploring Toronto.

Dean’s Committee(s): Curriculum


Massey-80.jpgSaqib was born and raised in the Middle East before immigrating to Canada at the age of fifteen years. Here, he finished his schooling whilst getting accustomed to a new country. He successfully completed his Undergraduate Degree in Criminology and his Masters Degree in Socio-Legal Studies. For his Masters’ MRP, Saqib studied ISIS propaganda in an attempt to identify their impact on Western populaces. Saqib also works as a professional magician. He looks forward to representing the uniquely talented first year class at the law school. (please note, if you approach him and he says its he Aaqib, believe him, its probably his twin brother – probably…).

Dean’s Committee(s): Gender, Accessibility, and Diversity; Mental Health and Wellness


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